Easy On Surf Jimmy

Easy On Surf Jimmy

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Surf Jimmy is a product unlike any other. Made out of a strong but smooth sailing material – it’s the product that makes putting on a wetsuit easy and fast. After all, who has time to mess with damp wetsuits when the perfect swell is just minutes away? Our product saves surfers both time and hassle. And the best part? It’s washable and reusable – even condoms can’t do that.


How does it work?

Sok til hånd

The Surf Jimmy is extremely easy to use:

1. Unwrap the Surf Jimmy.

2. Pull it onto one foot.

3. Stick that leg into the wetsuit.

4. Repeat with your other foot.

5. Do the same with your arms.

6. Wrap the Surf Jimmy back together again using the elastic strap.

7. Save the Jimmy for next time you need to put a wetsuit on.


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