Ronix Kinetic Project ATR 2016

Ronix Kinetic Project ATR 2016

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The cable kingpin delivering the ultimate in board feel and top water speed. Offering greater durability and reduced friction on the water with our signature Speedwalls. A board that has a continuous flex from tip to tail and rail to rail. Designed for a rider that wants the most amount of unique pressure points on rails.

ATR “S” Construction - A diamond configuration glass layup that offers a softer tip/tail for more feel on rails while still keeping a conventional layup in the belly. This version has a Triaxial glass in the center creating a leverage pivot point in the center for this otherwise soft layup.



Press Flex

Increased Rocker


G&R Technology

Dominik Hernler Pro Model


Small: bis 80 Kg Körpergewicht

Standard: ab  65 Kg Körpergewicht




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