UPZ RC 12-FLO Liner 2020 anthrazit


UPZ RC 12-FLO Liner 2020 anthrazit

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Boot Stiffness: adjustable

Range: Racing, Carving

Liner: FLO

  • Flo Adaptation
  • Genuine Leather Applications
  • Removable Racing Tongue
  • Lycra Toe Box
  • Volume Pads-removeable
  • Carbon Heel Tooth Holding System

Buckles: Flex bar/micro adjustable / flat shape aluminium superlight



  • Canting 5 Positions inside&outside
  • Carbonfiber-Compound Cuff-Insert
  • Forward Flex-stepless adjustable
  • Backward Flex-stepless adjustable
  • 4 Forward Lean Positions
  • Ride/Relax Lever
  • Shortest sole design in the industry to eliminate toe/heel drag
  • Anti-slip/snow repellent sole profile

Intec: compatible

Belt: Shoxxter Race Strap/adjustable

Interchangeable Sole-adapters

  • Snowboard
  • Ski
  • Freeski/Tour

Available Outer-Tongues:

  • Soft/red
  • Medium/black
  • Hard/silver
  • Superstiff/darkgrey
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